Call for applications 02-02-2020

The complementary session for submission of new projects PRFU for the year 2020.

The management of complementary session for the new projects for the year 2020 is through the platform dedicated to this program available at, the document related to this program are download on the platform website and include :

  • Circular n°06 of 09 December 2019 relating to the PRFU University Research and Training Projects.
  • The schedule of the different periods (submission, validation, expertise).
  • The guide to use the platform for each actor:

                        The project lea der

                        The project members

                        University institutions

                        Regional university conference.

                        Scientific advisers (experts)

                        The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

  • The canvas of the new projects (for the conception of the project in paper form and validation by scientific comities of the establishment)

Attached is schedule for the complementary session relating the submission of new University training research projects PRFU for the year 2020.