Information 09-05-2022

Open doors in the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Human and Social Sciences has organized open doors for the benefit of students on the offers of training available at the faculty, as well as on the modalities of orientation, in the presence of the Vice-Rector in charge of pedagogy and the Vice-Rector in charge of post-graduation, received by the dean of the faculty and his Vice-Dean of studies related to students, the heads of departments, the first day was devoted to students in the 1st year 1 course social sciences, 2 courses humanities and 03 courses Islamic sciences in fourth tranche

The second day on May 10, 2022 is devoted to the orientation towards the third year Science of Psychology and Islamic Sciences and the orientation towards the specialties of the Master in Department of Social Sciences at the fourth tranche and Department of Islamic Sciences at the seventh Slice and Department of History, Department of Archaeology and Department of Humanities Philosophy in the sixth tranche