Online Course

Disciplines currently available are:

-Civil Engineering

    Teacher at Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Sciences, University Abou Bakr Belkaïd Tlemcen

 -Mechanical Engineering

  • Heat applied to the building
    Designer teacher, Mr. Fouzi TABET-HELAL ... This educational site belongs to a project to put online is intended, according to the teaching methods required, the modules "Heat applied to the building," I teach in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Tlemcen my students 4th year energy.


  •   Chemical thermodynamics
      Phase diagrams
    Teacher designer, Mr.BELHACHEMI Boucif, Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University Abu Bakr Belkaïd University of Tlemcen, October 23, 2003 Sitepersonnel


  • Real functions of a real variable
    Designer teacher, Mr Ghouti Boukli Hacene research professor at the University of Tlemcen (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science) .ses research focuses on teaching mathematics.


  •   Cytokines & Chemokines
    Courses for students in the third year Pharmacy Faculty of Medical Sciences - University Abu Bakr Belkaïd Tlemcen By: Dr Murad aribi-Biochemist Biologist Molecular and Cellular. Specialized in Immunology Lecturer Lecturer at the Faculty of Sciences)